Friday, July 15, 2011

Card of The Day - 7 Of Swords

This card always got my heart pumping.  It makes me think of some stealing something and trying to get away with what they can.  Perhaps obtaining something with less than honor intentions or methods. It can also indicate running away from something, not wanting to face the music. 

Swords usually indicate mental activity...  is someone trying to trick another?  This person can be carrying away different schemes to win over his opponents.

This card be taken as a warning to be honest and ethical in your dealings with others today.  Don't lie, tell the truth.  Don't try to trick anyone to get ahead.

**** Side note ***   when I got to work today, I found out that in the news paper, one of the supervisors has a warrant out for his arrest that the State Police have been unable to find him...   funny how the tarot can tell you what is going on in your enviroment.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Card of The Day - 4 of Wands

The card I drew today is the 4 of Wands. This card reminds me of home..  the physical building.  It makes me think of buying and selling real estate, moving, relocating.  Other sides of this card involve celebrations.  In some instances I have seen it to mean a marriage.  There is much excitement going on in this card...  it is a bubbly card.

It is ironic that I get this card... ahhh no it isn't  LOL..  The universe knows what message you need at the time.  I recently reactivated my real estate after being out of the business for over 10 years.  I had to retake my real estate exam.  I did that and passed with flying colors.

As I have real estate on my mind lately, relaunching my real estate career..  this was a fitting card to pull today

First official Post

I have decided to do a card each day and keep a journal.  I struggled with how I wanted to do this, whether just a file on my computer or hand written in a notebook.  Then I decided to use this blog as my journal. I have had this blog up for quite a while and haven't done anything with it til now.  I can't say that it will be a daily thing but will try.  I want to do other things with this blog as well.  I hope to post articles and resources along the way.  Some days I may have multiple posts others just my daily card ..  if I get too busy I may not get to post that day.  But, I have been bitten by the Tarot bug again.